Online booking*


 Telerehabilitation appointment

  • Appointments available online now.

  • Carefully read the instructions on the first page of the site, everything is explained there (material and connection)

  • Fill out this document and send it to before your first appointment.

Face-to-face appointment

  1. Face-to-face appointments are full for June and July 2021 for new evaluations.

  2. It is always possible to make an appointment for a new telerehabilitation evaluation (see above).

  3. Wait at the reception of the Bloc Shop at a distance of 2 meters from all other people present.

  4. If you want to contact me for a question, delay or cancellation please do not call to the Bloc Shop.

  5. If you have flu-like or noticeable COVID-19 symptoms, contact me, we will postpone.

  6. Any appointment will be limited to ~45 minutes of physiotherapy, the remaining time will be allocated to the disinfection protocol.


Payment online only, by E-Transfer / Credit card / Paypal.

Cancellation / modification fee of 50% of the total cost of session if done less than 24 hours in advance.

*In case of an emergency, write me an email. In doubt, consider going to the hospital.

June and July 2021 fully booked