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If you are climbing, treating your injuries requires specific knowledge and someone who understands your sport. This is what Julien Descheneaux pht. MSc. offers since 2016, with a physiotherapy service entirely dedicated to climbing injuries.
For a face-to-face meeting, the complete schedule is available online in the booking section, If you are outside of Montreal, on a climbing trip or simply want to work remotely, you can do your physiotherapy with tele-rehab on Tuesdays. Simply fill out this document beforehand and send it to julienlephysio@gmail.com before the date of your first appointment.


Here's what you will need ...


Necessary tools for tele-rehab

Depending on the affected area, here's a list of the useful tools to have.

Make sure necessary material is ready before you start a session.



Google Duo

A smartphone with an active camera or a laptop placed in front of the work plan where the evaluation will be done is sufficient. Make sure in advance of the quality of your connection:


1. Visit https://duo.google.com/about/ or download the app to your smartphone.


2. Log in with a Google account displaying your name and enter the following information:

514-265-6547 or julienlephysio@gmail.com


3. Click on my contact then on video call, an authorization will be requested.


The Google Duo app is suggested here, but if it's impossible for you to install it, notify me in advance.



A table edge, different sizes of elastic and pencils in addition to a stress / grip ball are required. If you don't have the latter, a simple tight rolled towel will do. Having athletic/sport tape and a light exercise band is a big plus.


The camera should show a view of you standing with your feet on the ground AND if necessary a seated view. Shorts are essential.


Everything else is optional: A small bench or stairs, an exercise band, a Swiss ball, a ball and a foam roller.. Kinesiology tape (K-Tape) often allows immediate effects but don't buy it just yet if you don't already have some.


The camera should show a view of you standing allowing to see your head, shoulder and half of your torso. Tank top is suggested


You will need a stick (broom handle without the brush), a mirror, an exercise band and some light weights (even a bottle of water or a grocery bag with canned food is enough). A pull up bar is strongly suggested.


Optionally: A massage ball, foam roller and kinesiology tape (K-Tape). No need to buy if you don't already have some.



Google Duo

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